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Learning Radiative Transfer Models for Climate Change Applications in Imaging Spectroscopy ( Paper, Website, Code )
Designed neural network architectures to emulate differential equation solvers. Primary motivation was to help better understand climate change effects on coral reefs. Work led to 10x improvement over previous known solution.
GARUDA: GMRT Archival Utility for Data Analysis ( Paper, Slides, Code, Images )
Built a compute cluster and data science pipeline to synthesize images from a radio telescope. Effort reduced synthesis time from 6+ weeks to 10-12 hours. Project is currently generating one of the world's largest catalogs of sub-GHz frequency radio astronomy images.
Spinet: Analyzing Statistical Properties Of Data In Large Scale Datacenters ( Slides )
Explored the use of streaming algorithms to monitor data center network traffic. Potential future tech transfer to Microsoft Azure.
India Digital Heritage Project: Designing An Immersive VR Walkthrough ( Website )
Worked on optimizing a VR rendering pipeline for mobile devices. Broader effort was to preserve heritage monuments through 3D laser scans. Got to present to the Secretary of Science and Technology (Govt. of India), and Secretary for Ministry of Culture :)