Under Construction.

m3: merlin's multicore maps ( Code )
World generation using a synthesis of different parallel computing paradigms. Course project for Prof. Randal Bryant's last offering of 15-418.
unbabel: accent style transfer ( Report, Code )
An exploration of accent style transfer using deep learning. Course project for 11-785.
clio: a virtual librarian ( Code )
A browser plugin that processes your search history (locally) and makes personalized book recommendations. Prototyped in 24 hours. WIP.
GullyNet: Our Time Will Come ( Paper )
AI. Hip Hop. Anarchy. Presented at SIGBOVIK 2019.
Sparse Approximation for Signal Recovery ( Report )
Surveyed sparse approximation algorithms applied to real world problems for 16-811. Gaining a deeper understanding of research I'd done in the past was quite rewarding.
360 Panorama Generation ( Slides, Code )
Implemented an algorithm to generate 360 panoramas using cylindrical projections for 16-720.