I'm currently at Worldcoin working on machine learning, biometrics, and infrastructure.
I previously studied Robotics at Carnegie Mellon where I explored fascinating ideas
in the space of Reinforcement Learning, Interpretability, and Visualization.

In the past I've spent time:
→ Working in collaboration with Uber ATG on training self driving cars using reinforcement learning.
→ At Scale AI building computer vision models to assist humans doing data labeling.
→ At Microsoft Research hacking on systems and algorithm applications for large networks.
→ At Caltech/JPL exploring questions at the interface of atmospheric physics, radiative transfer theory, and geoscience.

Even before that, I spent most waking hours at a research center pursuing fundamental research in radio astronomy and astrophysics.
During my tenure there, I built infrastructure for large scale processing of data acquired from the world’s largest sub-GhZ frequency radio telescope.

I occasionally write, and love thinking about physics, math, computing, engineering, economics, design, art, history philosophy.


You can find me at:
Twitter: @bhaprayan
Mastodon: @bhaprayan
Github: @bhaprayan