Beginnings + Caveat

To be honest, I was quite hesitant to start writing on a blog. Primarily due to the following reasons:

  • Views and opinions are inherently fluid as they are influenced in large part due to the knowledge that one has at that moment in time. Due to this, one's views may change (and in the extreme case, completely oppose the original view) over the course of time.
  • When forming an opinion of the author's views, we tend to evaluate the argument with respect to the present (disregarding the worldview the author had at the time the article was written). I believe this unfair to the author with regards to present accountability.
  • I am by no means an expert on the topics that I may want to write about and hence may make factual errors from time to time.

In the interest of making an unbiased judgment, I decided to do a cost-benefit analysis. Since these were the only negatives that I could come up with, I decided to question myself on the potential benefits of writing:

  • Knowledge multiplies exponentially through sharing and network effects. Hence, writing would serve as motivation for me to pursue a more focused reading of articles online and books offline, to distill more useful and well-informed opinions.
  • Writing opens up one's views to potential criticism. This is a blessing since it enables one to actually question the thinking behind why we hold certain opinions (many of which are irrational and unfounded).
  • Writing ultimately is the most useful when it is evaluated meaningfully by readers. This creates a strong feedback loop of self-improvement (for both the author who improves through writing and the readers who are exposed to different thoughts/ideas).

Taking these factors into account, I've decided as a whole it would be a net positive to experiment with writing. Of course, I'd like to add the additional caveat that my views are naturally bound to change over time, but I'm optimistic (and excited!), about this process of self-improvement. :)

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